Hakusan International School

2005年4月に石川県小松市に、北陸初の“英語で学ぶ”本格的インターナショナルスクールとして開校。 海外でも通用する実力、自信を身につけ、世界を舞台に活躍できる自立した子供たちを育てます。

Competence / 実力 Confidence /自信 Independence /自立
About Our School
Hakusan International School is the only primary and secondary school in the region with English as the medium of instruction and administration.
We prepare young people to enter the world of the 21st century with competence, confidence, and independence.  Hakusan International School has full-time, part-time, and specialized programs focused on students aged five to fifteen.  We are independent of any national or religious affiliation, and welcome families of any background.
Please contact us if you would like more information, and if you would like to visit the school.

Information in English(英語)

当スクールでは、開校当初から 『21世紀型教育』と言われる探究型学習、体験型授業を取り入れ、受け身ではなく常に生徒主体の授業を行っています。


March 2008



Makoto J. Elwell

言語 / Language:英語、日本語、中国語

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Yumi N. Elwell

言語 / Language: 英語、日本語

夫の Mark G. Elwell とともに 地元で20年以上にわたり国際教育に関わるスクール経営、実務に携わる実績を持ち、幼児から大人まで英語教育の指導経験も豊富。   

英語教諭免許状 有

特技 : 筝曲・ 三絃 (財団法人 正派邦楽会公認 筝・ 三絃教授  正派生田流師範 )

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Carolyn Kumata

言語 / Language: 英語、日本語


Leela Sattayamas

言語 / Language: 英語、Thai、フランス語、日本語、ドイツ語


My name is Leela Sattayamas.

I am from Rayong, a province on the east coast of Thailand.

I graduated from Thammasat University, Bangkok. Back in my high school years, I spent one year as an exchange student in Lille, France.

I moved to Ishikawa in April 2018 and currently live in Nomi City.

I love learning new languages and getting to know people from different cultures. Before moving to Japan, I have worked for an international NGO and an international university where I met colleagues from all over the world. I also taught English and Thai (for foreigners) as part-time jobs.

I am looking forward to having a wonderful time teaching at Hakusan International School.

※Mrs. Leelaは、母国語であるタイ語はもちろん、英語、フランス語、日本語、ドイツ語が話せるマルチリンガルの先生。


Hannah Inaba

言語 / Language: 英語、日本語


My name is Hannah Inaba.
I am from a small town called Long Beach in the state of Mississippi in the USA.

I majored in Japanese Language & Literature and minored in English
at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa in Honolulu;
I also studied abroad for one year at Waseda University in Tokyo.

I came to Ishikawa in 2012 on the JET Program and worked for the Komatsu Board of Education
for three years, teaching English in Elementary and Junior High Schools around the city of Komatsu.

I then transferred to the Kanazawa Prefectural Board of Education to work for one year
at a JHS in Kanazawa.

Currently I live in Hakusan city.
I enjoy doing Japanese Archery and exploring the natural wonders of Ishikawa.

I am looking forward to teaching English and working with the students
at Hakusan International School!

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